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JD Mcpherson- “Let the Good Times Roll”

Download the title track from JD Mcpherson’s new album “Let the Good Times Roll” and get your rockabilly groove on!

JD Mcpherson spoke about this track on the album:

“I think there are at least six or seven charted songs with that title. Shirley & Lee did a woooonderful song called ‘Let the Good Times Roll.’ But mine is influenced by Eddie Cochran. This is the song where we discovered electric bass, which is a new thing for us. I know it seems strange for a band to say ‘Yeah we’re writing around electric bass now. It’s like a new instrument,’ but Jimmy Sutton is such an adept acoustic bassist, and that’s his wheelhouse — that’s what he was put here to do. But getting that electric bass out has been so fun. Sometimes you have to pull yourself back a little back, because your urge is to go totally Dee Dee Ramone with it and just go as fast and hard as possible, so you have to finesse it a little bit. But man, there’s something about tambourine on top of that bass. That, to me, sounds like rock & roll.

“This is one people really respond to live. But this song only exists because of expired Tylenol PM. I was sick in bed, and took this expired cold medicine, and it was the worst thing ever. Time slowed down, and I was having trouble breathing.

Meanwhile, I was watching this Frasier episode where they were remembering a childhood Shakespearian production, and I’m seeing Niles holding this skull, saying ‘Alas, poor Yorick.’ And I just started thinking about high school Shakespeare, and I wrote this song about one of his plays. I don’t know if I want to give that part away. The thing to carry away is that this is maybe the strangest song I’ve ever written.”


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